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Ewald Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Oconomowoc Makes it Easy to Save on Batteries

Although often seen as unimportant, your vehicle’s battery is actually one of the most important components of your vehicle, but servicing and replacing your battery can be tiresome and hazardous, especially when you don’t know what you are doing. Old batteries pose many serious hazards, from leaking a strong corrosive acid to exploding, or simply just making it harder to start your vehicle. Ewald's Milwaukee Service Center is all you need to learn about basic car battery safety, and to help you get the car battery in Milwaukee that is right for you for you.

Six cells make up your typical car battery, and it is these cells that will give your vehicle the power it needs to run. Over time your battery will begin to lose its charge which can lead to lower power output and even a completely dead battery, meaning that your battery is no longer capable of providing enough power to support your vehicle. Some serious, although uncommon, dangers of an older battery include corrosion and the leaking of the battery fluid, which is a strong and very corrosive acid that will eat through most materials. In the most extreme of cases, an old battery can even explode. Either a leak or an explosion will cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, and should that happen you will need to have more than just your battery fixed and replaced.

An old battery will become even harder to deal with when the cold winter months roll around, because when the temperature decreases your battery’s efficiency goes way down. And with weak or dead cells in your battery, it can be incredibly difficult to start your vehicle. With Ewald's Milwaukee Auto Service Center you can prevent all of that by having them check out your battery as soon as the weather gets colder, and to have your battery replaced or your vehicle serviced professionally.

Although many are long lasting, car batteries are not immune to the test of time, and will eventually begin to lose their charge. If your vehicle has sat around for a few months, then you should stop by Ewald’s Auto Service Centers in Milwaukee and have it looked at and serviced, to ensure that your vehicle is working as it should. Even if your battery starts again, whether from a jump from someone else or not, you should still have your battery checked out. This way you will know for sure whether it is an alternator issue, dead cells, or simply running the battery too low, so that you don't spend money repairing or replacing something that you don’t need to. So come and have it checked at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center.

Should you desire to replace your battery yourself, then you should proceed with caution and make sure that you understand the risks involved. You should also learn how to identify hazards like corrosion and potentials leaks, while also being able to differ the positive and negative post from one another, as confusing the two can be dangerous. Ewald's Service Center in Milwaukee makes replacing your battery easier than ever, as we do all of the work for you so you can relax, and understand all the details of battery safety. Ewald’s Service Center can also help you find the battery that fits your vehicle, which can sometimes be very confusing thanks to the numerous types and price ranges of car batteries available in Milwaukee. Our Lifetime Guarantee on Milwaukee batteries means that you and your vehicle will always be able to get the battery you need. So schedule an appointment at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center, to have them replace your battery and service your car.
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