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Outstanding fuel economy and fewer emissions are just two of the many reasons why Oconomowoc customers choose hybrid cars. Hybrid cars for sale draw their power from a combination of a conventional engine and electric motor. Able to operate on both electric and fuel power, hybrid cars deliver flexible efficiency. With more options for hybrid cars for sale near you than ever before, is it time for you to consider investing in a hybrid model? Customers can find the ideal hybrid car for sale for their usage habits at Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc. Our car dealership near you offers the latest hybrid models on the market to our Waukesha, WI customers. Whatever you may be looking for in your next hybrid, the team at Ewald will ensure that you get yourself into a suitable model. When you are ready to take the first step into the thrilling world of hybrid powertrains, there's only one dealership near Milwaukee that you will need to visit. With the help of Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc, getting into a hybrid car for sale near you has never been easier.

Jeep Wrangler 4xe

The Jeep Wrangler hybrid has what it takes to stand out in an impressive lineup. The Wrangler 4xe Jeep hybrid is a plug in hybrid SUV, animated by an electric motor, turbocharged 2.0L I-4 engine, and 17kWh lithium ion battery. With an all-electric range of 21 miles, the Jeep Wrangler plug in hybrid has quickly become the darling of the outdoorsy set. You won't need to sacrifice the outstanding off-roading qualities that define the Jeep Wrangler to enjoy this hybrid SUV. The Wrangler hybrid boasts a horsepower of 375, with a lineup-leading 470 lb/ft of torque. Able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in a flat 6 seconds, and navigate through up to 30 inches of water, the Jeep Wrangler hybrid is ready for anything. This plug in hybrid SUV offers three different driving modes: electric, hybrid, and E-Save. The hybrid mode allows the system to instinctively choose and combine from the three power options to provide optimal efficiency. When you are operating your Wrangler hybrid in electric mode, your electric motor will do the heavy lifting. In electric mode, your Jeep hybrid will only activate the engine when you completely depress the accelerator. E-Save mode runs your Jeep electric Wrangler as a hybrid, conserving your battery's power. The Jeep plug in hybrid SUV even allows you to charge your battery using power from your gas engine. Pewaukee drivers can charge their Jeep Wrangler plug in hybrid from the rapidly growing EV charging station network, or from home. On a 110 volt outlet, you can charge your Jeep hybrid SUV in 10 hours. Opt for a 240 volt outlet, and it only takes two hours to charge your Jeep plug in hybrid SUV. Hartland drivers will love the flexibility of being able to effortlessly switch from fuel to battery power for the best possible fuel economy.

Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica hybrid is the sole plug in hybrid minivan on the market, charging its class into the future. Two electric motors support a 3.6L V6 engine to provide the Pacifica hybrid with a horsepower of 260, and an estimated 82 MPGe. Drivers near Watertown can travel for up to 32 miles on all-electric power in this hybrid minivan. The Chrysler Pacifica plug in hybrid can be charged in 2 hours with a 240 volt outlet. Outstanding fuel economy doesn't inhibit this Chrysler hybrid from delivering ample torque, for a peppy driving experience. Enjoy the freedom to choose between gas and electric power, depending on your needs for the day. With three rows of generous seating, there's room for the whole family in the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid. The Chrysler Pacifica hybrid interior features premium materials, with plenty of upscale finishes. Busy families will appreciate the outstanding cargo capacity of the Pacifica hybrid. Jefferson, WI drivers can even fold the third row of this hybrid minivan flat into the floor, to open up 87.5 cubic feet of storage space. Families aren't the only customers drawn to the hybrid Chrysler Pacifica. The Chrysler Pacifica plug in hybrid minivan could even be the perfect choice for Milwaukee customers looking for a fuel-efficient work van. Visit Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc to take a closer look at this groundbreaking Chrysler hybrid minivan.

Ram 1500

For Hartland, WI customers who need a capable pickup truck, the Ram 1500 hybrid is an excellent investment. Powered by your selection of two conventional engines paired with an eTorque mild hybrid system, this Ram hybrid truck delivers power and efficiency. Choose between a 3.6L V6 or 5.7L V8 engine for your next Ram pickup hybrid. You will get to experience the benefits of hybrid power without sacrificing the option to use traditional fuel. The hybrid Ram 1500 pickup allows you to travel farther on less fuel, without compromising the truck's intensity. When outfitted with the 3.6L V6 engine, the Ram 1500 hybrid delivers a horsepower of 305, along with 269 lb/ft of torque. Your V6 Ram hybrid truck can even tow up to 7,730 lbs. Customers near Waukesha who opt for the V8 Ram pickup hybrid will enjoy a 12,750 lb towing capacity, with 395 horsepower and 410 lb/ft of torque. Advanced technology and driving assistance features make towing with the hybrid Ram 1500 pickup easier than ever. From the aggressive, contemporary exterior of the hybrid Ram truck, to its sturdy and comfortable cab, this truck was designed for performance. Learn more about the astonishing capabilities of the Ram hybrid pickup at Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Ocononomowoc. Our team will be eager to fill you in on all of the nuances of this impressive hybrid truck for sale near you.

No matter what your usage needs may be, Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc carries a diverse selection of hybrid cars for sale near you. With over five decades of service to our community, drivers from Oconomowoc, Waukesha, Hartland, Milwaukee, Jefferson, Pewaukee, and Watertown know that Ewald makes it easy to find and finance their hybrid cars for sale. Whether you are interested in a plug in hybrid car, or a traditional hybrid SUV, our inventory will contain plenty of appealing choices. Our sales team is dedicated to being your most trusted resource for information about the latest hybrid and PHEV for sale. We understand that many Milwaukee drivers are intimidated by the idea of transitioning to a hybrid or PHEV powertrain. When you work with Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc, your questions will be answered by our expert team. Understanding how hybrid cars operate to benefit your wallet and the environment is crucial to truly appreciating this technology. Ewald strives to keep our Waukesha customers as informed as possible, equipping you to make educated decisions.

Oconomowoc customers who haven't decided which hybrid car for sale would best benefit their lifestyle won't need to worry. Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc can guide you through assessing your needs to determine the ideal choice. After letting our sales team know about your usage habits and budget, they will make thoughtful suggestions on suitable models. For instance, a Hartland, WI driver looking for a family ride with excellent fuel economy will wish to explore the Chrysler Pacifica PHEV. The plug in hybrid Pacifica makes it simple to achieve maximum efficiency, as the powertrain automatically shifts between electric and fuel power. Boasting a total range of 520 miles between gas and electric power, the PHEV Chrysler Pacifica is ready to go anywhere you please.

Maybe you are searching for a more efficient truck that can still haul your boat to the lake on weekends. Customers near Milwaukee can get a closer look at the Ram 1500 hybrid pickup truck. With helpful advanced features for towing and hauling, the hybrid Ram 1500 keeps you safe on your way to work or play. The team at Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc will fill you in on all of the available assistive safety features for the hybrid Ram 1500.

After you find the right hybrid or PHEV for sale, the Ewald team will guide you through the financial aspect of your purchase, as well. We understand that applying for auto financing can often be intimidating for Watertown, WI drivers. Fortunately, you'll have the support and assistance of the dedicated Ewald financial service team to help you navigate. Our financial staff helps customers near Oconomowoc choose the most suitable financing agreement. Working with a national network of lending institutions, Ewald goes the extra mile to secure you the most favorable loan terms. When you work with Ewald Chrysler Jeep Ram of Oconomowoc, you can expect nothing less than stellar customer service, every step of the way. Customers from Oconomowoc, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Hartland, Jefferson, Pewaukee, and Watertown are welcome to stop by our dealership during our hours of operation, or call our sales team to set up a test drive appointment for the model of your interest.

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