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Oil Changes
When it comes to caring and maintaining your vehicle, your engine’s oil change is often overlooked. Although it is among the most affordable and simplest forms of vehicular maintenance, many people do not fully understand the significance of, and how important an oil change is to your vehicle’s health. Thankfully, Ewald’s Auto Service Center in Milwaukee is here to help you.

What Does Oil Do For Your Vehicle
If you want to understand why a regular oil change is so important to your vehicle, then you have to understand what oil does for your engine. Engine has three primary attributes that assist your engine, the most well known of which is lubricating the many parts of your engine so that it can run smoothly and more efficiently. Another function of your engine oil is that it draws heat away from the combustion chamber to help keep your engine cool and prevent overheating. The last function that your oil provides is that it prevents the build up of things like carbon and varnish, which can cause damage to your engine.

When Should You Have Your Oil Changed?
You have most likely been told that you should change your oil after a certain range of miles, or after a defined amount of time has passed by. But here at Ewald Parts and Service Center in Milwaukee we believe that mileage is much more important to worry about than time, because actually using your vehicle has a much great impact on your vehicle that just sitting around. You may also want to think about other things that factor into your engine's health such as extreme heat, towing a trailer, or driving where there is a lot of dust and sand. Here at Ewald Milwaukee Car Service Center, we definitely and strongly recommend that you get yourself an oil change every 3000 miles, so you can avoid any unwanted, and sometimes expensive, complications that come with unchanged oil. And where better to get your oil changed in Milwaukee than with Milwaukee Car Service Center at Ewald’s Automotive Group?

What Are The Risks Of Not Changing Your Oil?
Not changing your oil only ever results in damage to your engine, and can have some seriously expensive consequences. What will happen at first is that gunk like carbon and varnish will start to build up in your engine, reducing its efficiency and making it harder on your vehicle to perform well. This can start leading to progressively worse damage, and more expensive repairs, from engine cleaning to dealing with damaged pistons or camshafts. Those kind of repairs can easily run into the thousands, where a simple oil change with Ewald will cost you mere change in comparison.

To avoid paying such extravagant fees, all you need to do is come on into Ewald Auto Service Center in Milwaukee, where getting your oil changes is quick, cheap, and painless. We promise to have your oil changed in 45 minutes or less, and in addition we will top off all of your fluids, and even give you a car wash, all for free. So don't waste any more time, come on by Ewald Automotive Group today and schedule an oil change before all those costly repairs start adding up!
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